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10 Moving Tips to Make Your Move Easier

There’s a reason why people cite moving as one of their most stressful “life tasks” – so much so that the New York Times even wrote an article on The Psychology of Moving in 2010, noting the various scenarios and stressors that can make moving especially challenging. 

The good news? There are several proven and effect ways to prevent, manage and alleviate “moving stress” – all it takes is a little planning ahead. 

Just a few quick tips is all you need to get you on your way to a seamless and stress-free moving experience. So sit back, relax and take notes as we present our 10 essential moving tips to make your life easier.

TIP #1: Establish a moving schedule

Plan ahead. While you’ll no doubt have a very scheduled moving day, you’ll want to get ahead of the chaos by penciling moving considerations and pre-moving-day items and tasks with plenty of notice and time to get them done. 

We’d suggest setting your pre-move schedule 60 days in advance, giving you plenty of time to schedule and tackle all the tips on this list and anything else that might come up between now and the big day.


Resist going for the “best deal” when it comes to moving companies

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Your chosen moving company can be the difference between a seamless moving day and an absolute moving disaster. You might be tempted by the lure of a great discount – who can blame you? Moving can be costly, and it’s more than understandable to want to save where you can – but when it comes to movers, you’ll find it well worth every penny to go for the most professional option available. 

Be sure to shop around for a few quotes, check online reviews, and discuss your moving needs with your Royal LePage real estate professional, who will have an extensive database of top-rated and reliable moving resources to connect you with. 

TIP #2: Be picky about what you pack

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Now is not the time to get sentimental about that broken kitchen island stool. Be really sure that every item you’re packing – big and small – is going to get the space and use it needs in its new home. Consider this an opportunity to do an overhaul of de-cluttering. Avoid the trap of “tossing it all in the box” and packing it up, and instead take the time to really consider:

  • Is this something I get good use out of presently?
  • Is there a planned space for this in the new home?
  • Would I prefer to replace this item with something that might suit my needs/style better in the new space?

If you don’t really love it or have the room for it – before you toss it, consider donating it instead. If the item is still in good shape and working order, you local Salvation Army or any number of donation sites will ensure it ends up in the hands of someone who needs it.

TIP #3: Pack like the pros

Set up a packing system that works for you to facilitate what-box-goes-where on moving day. This might mean a colour-coding system in markers to let the movers know at a glance what’s going where. Or maybe its a sticker system. Whatever works for you will work best, but having some system in place will alleviate a world of headache when you need to recall “what’s in this box?” and “where does it go?” in the moment. 


TIP #4: Prepare your current home for move-out day

Items that are hard-wired into your current home typically fall under the responsibility of the homeowner to unplug (many movers won’t do this to avoid any potential liability issues). Unplug fixtures and appliances that will be going into your new home to make them easy and accessible for movert to pack and transport. This might also be a good opportunity to ask your moving company to identify any limitations or rules in their services. Being aware of what they will and won’t do will help you to know what to expect on the big day.


TIP #5: Buy all the packing supplies you need – and then some

When preparing for your move, packing can seem like an overwhelming (and neverending) task. Don’t give yourself added headaches by running short on basic packing supplies. Make a list of what you’ll need, and buy extra. Worst case, you’ll have some leftover to store in your new home’s pantry for future.

TIP #6: Set aside your immediate essentials for the time between moving and unpacking

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As everyone who’s ever moved knows, there will be a time between moving and unpacking, where it seems as though your life is in boxes, and you just can’t be bothered to start the “search” for your electric toothbrush. 

Make a list (yes, another list!) of all those immediate essential items you’ll want to keep handy (and unboxed). Things like toiletries, medication, ID’s and other important documents or paperwork, etc. This way, you’ll have what you need handy and stored accessibly with you – and not buried in boxes on board of the moving truck.

TIP #8: Have a design layout plan in mind before someone asks you “so where do you want this?”

You may think you know your new home’s design layout like the back of your hand. After all, you’ve had all that time since purchasing to think it over and consider every little design detail. But in the chaos of the day, with the family running around, movers scattered all over your home, boxes as far as the eye can see – you’re going to appreciate having some kind of direction in hard copy. 

Map out a basic design layout – it could be as simple as a chart noting each room and what items go where. Anything works, so long as it’s clear and easy to reference.

TIP #9: Give your new home a once-over before moving your things in

Take the time to go in ahead of the movers arriving and prepare your new space. 

An empty house is much easier to clean and plan for than one littered with boxes and furniture scattered all over the place.

TIP #10: Tackle the details before you move

Sometimes it’s the obvious details that get lost in the mix when you’re busy planning a move. One detail you’ll want to check off your task list ahead of time is your change of address notification for mail and billing purposes. This may seem like an easy item to push off, but once you get into the swing of your move, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is missed mail, lost deliveries and potential headaches like lapsed services, past-due bills and even the added vulnerability for identity theft.


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