by Susy Alexandre October 25, 2022

5 Best Halloween Outdoor Decorating Ideas + Halloween Safety Tips

Scary door mats

Image Credit: Unsplash

The spookiest season of the year is upon us! For those who partake, Halloween is a great opportunity to get into the spirit and have some fun not only with costumes for yourselves and the little ones, but also with cool decorations for your property!

So take a seat, have a sip of that seasonal pumpkin spice latte and get ready to take notes, because Halloween is just around the corner, and Royal LePage Your Community Realty wants to get you inspired with five of the best outdoor decoration ideas!

Flying spooky ghosts

Image Credit: Unsplash

With some creativity, diy “ghosts” are a fun and relatively fool-proof Halloween decoration that you can make in all sizes and styles, and use to hang around your property for that traditional spook factor the holiday is known for. 

HGTV has a great tutorial on how to make the perfect hanging ghost decorations for your yard this Halloween!

Halloween-themed door covers

Door covers are a fun, easy and inexpensive way to announce “Welcome trick-or-treaters!” With seasonal designs that range from cute to creepy, there’s a Halloween door cover design for everyone. You can find these at your local Walmart, online at and at most specialty party shops – we love the designs from

Tip: for bonus decorating points this Halloween, have some fun with a spook-tacular garage cover too!

Fog machines

Nothing says haunted Halloween like an ominous mist wafting through the yard. For serious enthusiasts of this holiday, take your decorations to the next level with a fog machine. Ranging in many sizes, styles and prices to suit every budget, this is a must-have element for anyone looking to make their decorations stand out this Halloween. 

Tip: If fake headstones feel a little too macabre for your taste, why not create a misty pumpkin patch instead? Check out Party City for fog machines, accessories and more to create the spookiest holiday scene this season!

Scary door mats

For those last-minute decorators, a spooky holiday-themed door mat is a great way to give your house a quick and easy Halloween upgrade. Fun, unique and affordable doormat options are widely available (often with expedited shipping options) from online vendors like Amazon and Etsy. Not only does a themed door mat add a little Halloween flair to your home, but it offers a clear indication to trick-or-treaters that you will be participating in the holiday and handing out treats. 

And of course… PUMPKINS!

Image Credit: Unsplash

Whether you’re carving them, painting them, or just leaving them in all their natural glory, pumpkins are the hallmark decor for the season. 

Looking to make use of those pumpkin seeds leftover after carving? Check out this list of delicious fall recipes using pumpkin seeds from Country Living

While Halloween is all about fun and fantasy, it’s also important to keep safety in mind - not just for yourself and your home, but also for any trick-r-treaters who come your way.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Here are a few Halloween safety tips to keep in mind amidst the spooky fun of the holiday:

1. Choosing the right costume

For yourself and the little ones, choosing the right costume is key. If you’re going to be trick-or-treating, you’ll want to ensure costumes check the following boxes:

  • Warm and able to hold up in rainy conditions (alternatively, always consider bringing a coat along)
  • Visibility isn’t reduced by any mask or headpiece 
  • Easy to move in, not restricting or uncomfortable (some costumes are crafted with fabrics which may irritate the skin - so be sure of the composition and your comfort in the costume before committing to it for any holiday activities
  • Bright and easy to spot in the dark near roadways for safety purposes 

 2. Decorate safely

Decorate safely and avoid any mishaps this Halloween season.

  • When decorating your home, if using ladders to hang any items, ensure there is always someone spotting you at the base of the ladder
  • Avoid decorations which block any entryways or exits around your property
  • Ensure any decorations which may be flammable are situated at a safe distance from anything that could pose a hazard 
  • Ensure your decorations do not clutter or block the walkway or driveway, as these may impede trick-or-treaters from safely making their way to your door
  • If participating in handing out treats, ensure your property is well lit for those coming and going to have a clear pathway 

3. Be cautious with Halloween treats and toys

Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand, and when it comes time for the little ones to unload their candy haul, you’ll want to ensure you do a thorough check before letting the kids dive in. From looking over packaging to opening up treats that may look “off”, you’ll want to give the green light on anything the kids may eat ahead of time. 

4. What to do when going out trick-or-treating

Trick-or-treating safety is key. Establishing a few rules with the kids before leaving the house will eliminate room for any mishaps once you make your way out:

  • Ensure that everyone knows to stay in sight and stick together, meaning everyone visits the same house at the same time
  • Reiterate the rules when it comes to talking to strangers; it’s important to be polite when going house-to-house, but safety comes first. For example, children should be reminded never to enter anyone’s home past the threshold 

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