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5 Things to Know About Sutton | Know Your Community

Just an hour north of Toronto you’ll find the charming historic community of Sutton, situated in Georgina. Don’t let this community’s humble size fool you, when it comes to fostering a high quality of life and providing residents with everything they need within reach, Sutton, and the surrounding Georgina area, more than make the grade. 

1. Sutton, by the numbers

  • Population: per the 2016 Canadian Census, the population of Sutton is 7,531
  • Location: the suburban community of Sutton can be found nearly 2 km south of Lake Simcoe in Ontario, located in the Regional Municipality of York. Part of the Town of Georgina since its amalgamation in 1971, the community includes Jackson’s Point, and is situated east of Keswick, south of Orillia, and north of Newmarket.

2. Sutton is a historical community with charm 

In its beginnings, the community of Sutton was first inhabited by Aboriginal people, who were attracted to the land for its abundance of hunting, fishing and gathering. It was in the mid-20th century that housing developments first came to Sutton, starting in the northern areas. Besides residential properties, cottage housing can also be found in the area, located along the shores of Lake Simcoe. 

A clean, friendly and scenic community, Sutton is nature-rich everywhere you look. Surrounded by water, this area is ideal for those who love being outdoors and can appreciate the more leisurely pace of lifestyle. Within the community, including Jackson’s Point, the area is walk-friendly, and you’ll often find residents getting around town in the warmer months via bicycle. The local pride is visible here, where residents get to know one another quickly and keep a tight-knit sense of community in place. 

This isn’t to say residents of Sutton are out of touch with urban living. The community lies within Georgina, and as such, is a stone’s throw from the urban amenities and resources of neighboring locales like Keswick, as well as being just an hour away from Toronto. Locals can commute by travelling south via the Toronto-Beaverton Road (Highway 48) and the Woodbine Avenue connection to the 404.

3. A community to learn and grow

There are 3 elementary schools located within Sutton and Sutton District High School as the community’s public secondary school option. Keswick’s Our Lady of the Lake Catholic College School would be the nearest Catholic secondary school option. 

For a private school option at the elementary level, Queensville Montessori Academy services the Georgina area as well. The town of Georgina recognizes the importance of investing in its youth and offers programs and volunteer options for local students and youth in the community. 

When it comes to lifestyle and community engagement, Sutton and its neighboring communities are proud to offer residents and visitors several attractions and activities to take part in: 

  • Sibbald Point Provincial Park – a day use park and campground facility, Sibbald Point features a large sandy beach, both electrical and non-electrical camp sites, hiking trails, boat access to Lake Simcoe and the Sibbald Family Museum on site
  • Beaches – residents and visitors can enjoy the serene views and sandy beaches at local destinations such as Mill Pond Park, Virginia Wharf, Franklin Beach and Jackson’s Point Harbour, to name a few
  • The Sutton Fair and Horse Show – an annual event that takes place over four days on the second week of August, the event is hosted by the Sutton Agricultural Society and features a variety of events including horse and livestock competitions, dog show, horse pull, demolition derby, home craft exhibits and more

4. Sutton’s surrounding Georgina is an ideal place to invest and grow a business 

Settling into a community that feels more like a cottage-town than a bustling metropolis may leave you wondering if you’re missing out on the future benefits of investing in a more urban landscape, where development and growth are a constant. But once you widen the net to the surrounding Georgina, and the neighboring communities within it, you’ll find this region is as much on track for growth and development as any other. 

Georgina’s community profile page highlights several attributes when it comes to investing and doing business in Georgina, including: 

  • Small-town lifestyle with urban amenities 
  • Some of the most affordable living costs in the region
  • Georgina’s Investment-Ready Program – designed to assist with the planning and development process for new businesses 
  • Skilled labour pool 
  • Ongoing development of neighboring Keswick’s Business Park – 500 acres of designated business park lands that will be used for industrial uses, including office space and 200 acres of zoned industrial land that has been acquired by Panattoni Development Company and is one of the largest available development opportunities within close distance to Toronto

5. Georgina is an great place for millennial investment 

An study by on housing market trends in 2021 shows that more than half of millennials (a reported 64%) are planning to move and either buy or rent this year (20% more than the national average), with home size being one of the biggest drivers for prospective purchasers and renters in Ontario. 

When it comes to getting more bang for your buck, it’s projected that many millennials will look beyond the city limits for their next home investment. Communities like Sutton, Keswick and the surrounding Georgina are expected to grow in popularity with this demographic, as the area represents an opportunity for affordable entry into the housing market, the potential for future return on investment, and communities that afford its residents all the perks of small-town living with nearby access to urban amenities and resources.


Curious to know more about Sutton – and the many other communities that Your Community Realty serves? Check out our Community Information page for more information and active local listings today!

Local Office

165 High Street, P.O. Box 542

Sutton, ON, L0E 1R0

Office: (905) 722-3211

Fax: (905) 722-9846


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