by Susy Alexandre February 27, 2023

March Break Staycation Ideas for Homeowners: How to Enjoy Your Home


Spring is around the corner - which means March Break is just a few short weeks away! 

The annual late-winter break signals the start of a new season, and in that spirit, many choose to take this opportunity for a sunny holiday with the family. But what about those who are unable to get away for the week? 

From ways to give your home the getaway treatment to local attractions and mini vacation destinations within Ontario, we’re here to inspire your March Break Staycation for 2023!

Make your home landscape feel like a vacation destination 

In the hustle and bustle of everyday, it can sometimes feel as though our home is really just a quick stop for sleeping and eating. We tend to get so busy that we aren’t able to really enjoy our home space. Take advantage of the free week this March Break to really indulge in your space and create a staycation-worthy atmosphere. 

A few ways to shift your space into vacay-mode: 

Set up an outdoor movie theatre in your backyard or on your balcony 


This March Break, bring the fun of the movies home with your very own DIY outdoor theatre. A few things you’ll need to make this happen: 

  • Strings of outdoor twinkle lights: hang these along the backyard fence, balcony railing - anywhere that could use a little extra accent lighting (keeping in mind that minimal lighting works best when watching movies on a projection screen)
  • Some outdoor oversized cushions or lawn chairs to create seating 
  • Outdoor heating lamps: just a few of these strategically/safely placed around the area will work wonders to keep everyone warm and cozy (you’ll also want to keep some blankets within reach for those who want to feel extra toasty)
  • A fire pit is another great option for an outdoor heat source that’s both effective and aesthetically pleasing
  • A projection screen and designated area for mounting/hanging: these are relatively inexpensive, come in a variety of styles and sizes, and are easy to set up, connect and take down

To really take the experience to the next level, check out your local dollar store and pick up some popcorn bags (some locations offer reusable plastic popcorn-bag containers). You can fill these with popcorn and candy for your movie-watchers. 

Create A Zen Spa-like Space 

Find a space in your home or outdoor area where you can set down a rug, some cushions, a little background music for meditation or soundscape effects - and voila! You’ve got a DIY zen space. All you really need is a small area of flexible space to transform into a calming mini sanctuary for your use. In this designated “zen space” you can meditate, relax, journal - whatever activities you find to be soothing. 

A few small touches to make your space feel like a resort 

There are a few items that you can incorporate into your space in order to give it that “resort feel”, including:

  • Fresh linens in the bedrooms and fresh towels for the bathrooms 
  • Some candles (battery-lit ones if you’re extra safety-conscious)
  • Set up a pitcher of water with fresh lemon slices or cucumber for that “spa” experience 
  • Have some ambient music playing in the background - this could be piano, relaxing soundscapes, some light jazz, whatever you find relaxing 
  • Dim the lighting: this will set the mood, create a more relaxed atmosphere and allow you to unwind in the space 

Use the week to dive into any DIY home projects you’ve been putting off Unsplash

For those looking to do something extra-productive with their March Break, take advantage of the week and dive into a few of those DIY home projects you’ve been putting off. 

Maybe this means re-decorating a room in your house, getting started on that bathroom or kitchen update, clearing out the attic or finally building that vegetable garden setup in the backyard - whatever it is you’ve been planning for but haven’t gotten around to. 

Play tourist in your own community with these great local attractions 

March Break is a great opportunity to get reacquainted with your own community. There are so many world-class attractions in Toronto alone. Here are just a few of the fun destinations you could visit with friends and family this break:

For more information on local spots of interest, check out AttractionsOntario, a great source of information on destinations and events within Ontario!

If you’re really feeling the travel bug… take a short trip within Ontario 

If the idea of a stay-cation has you still feeling the travel bug, why not get the trip experience - minus the plane - with a quick local overnight excursion? 

Whether it’s a one-night getaway, a weekend mini-break or a week-long adventure, there are countless ways to explore the beauty of Ontario this March Break. Try a new campground, book an Airbnb, splurge on a night at a hotel you’ve always wanted to stay at, or pack the family up into a rented RV at get out on the open road!


Check out these links for some great local getaways to get you inspired:

  • Resorts of Ontario - resort packages and getaway ideas tailored for every season of the year in Ontario
  • Glamping Hub - to experience a more luxurious side of traditional camping, Glamping Hub has you covered
  • Ontario Away - mini getaway and vacation ideas and sample itineraries for destinations within Ontario

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