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Best Neighbourhoods in Vaughan to Purchase a Home

A culturally-diverse and thriving community of nearly 341,000 people, the City of Vaughan is on a steady – and impressive – growth track. Vaughan ranks as the fifth-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area, and the 17th-largest city in Canada. Vaughan ranked as Canada’s fastest-growing municipality between 1996 and 2006, during which the city boomed in growth by 80%, doubling its population overall since 1991. 

The local economy encompasses over 19,000 businesses, which offer employment to approximately 227,000. Where construction activity proves indicative of local growth, the $1 billion mark has been met eight out of the last 10 years. Not surprisingly, the real estate market in Vaughan is thriving, and the city is frequently ranked as one of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area, making it attractive to both real estate investors and end-users.

Rich in history, the city, first incorporated in 1991, is home to five constituent communities: Kleinburg, Maple, Thornhill, Woodbridge and Concord.

From its rich historical roots to its present-day achievements, Vaughan is a community where both the past and present are considered, in order to cultivate and nurture a balanced future for all. With an emphasis on local engagement, accessibility and inclusivity for its residents, it’s no wonder the City of Vaughan has proven to be so attractive for families seeking their next dream home. 

Recreational options are endless in Vaughan, where residents and visitors can engage in activities in a multitude of arenas, which includes several fitness centres, 10 community centres, camps, theatres, an award-winning golf course, ski hill and swimming, just to name a few. The city has also done an excellent job at offering both in-person and virtual programs for its residents, particularly in recent years where restrictions added new challenges for individuals looking to stay active and engaged. 

Vaughan is known as “the city above Toronto” – and for good reason. One of the first municipalities outside of the Toronto area to have its own TTC subway service, Vaughan’s transportation system and proximity to Toronto make it one of the most accessible and convenient for commuters. The city also has the honour of being home to Canada’s first smart hospital, a $1.6 billion facility dedicated to enhancing the patient care experience with smart-technology and innovative practices. 

There is a wide selection of thriving residential pockets to choose from when house-hunting in Vaughan, all offering their own unique benefits and landscapes for potential families and individuals looking to set down roots. To help get you started, we’re taking a look at East Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Sonoma Heights, Mackenzie Ridge Ambassador Hills and Columbus Trail. 

East Woodbridge

With a high ownership percentage in this area, East Woodbridge, located just west of 400, is an attractive area for young families looking to invest in a strong community dynamic, where they will have the opportunity to connect and engage with other growing families. 

The scope of homes available in this region is vast and offers a variety of home styles at every end of the budget. Convenient local amenities and attractions are endless, with popular tourist destination Canada’s Wonderland and local major retail center Vaughan Mills being top draws for both residents and visitors.

Image Credit: Visit Vaughan

At the other end, West Woodbridge has the benefit of a generally higher affordability for home seekers, with the average price of homes sold here coming in at under the average of East Woodbridge homes. 

One of the most notable features in Woodbridge is its proximity to so many areas of lush, natural landscapes, including two natural preserves, situated along the Humber River:

  • Boyd Conservation Area – with accessibility options and countless fun and educational activities for visitors, Boyd Conservation Area offers activities such as camping, cycling, the local heritage museum, skiing, facility and equipment rentals and much more
  • Kortright Centre for Conservation – with over 100,000 visitors annually, the Kortright Centre for Conservation is located on 325 hectares of pristine woodlands, providing visitors with the opportunity to take in a truly natural oasis and learn about the progressive sustainability research being done here 

With so much greenspace to enjoy, recreational activities in this community are abundant, with both outdoor and indoor facilities, designed to enhance the year-round enjoyment of this beautiful community. 








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Located to the north of the city, Kleinburg is easily one of the most charming communities in Vaughan.

From heritage homes tracing back to the 19th century, to stunning contemporary housing developments, Kleinburg is a mix of past and present, offering residents a little bit of everything. This community is known for its pockets of affluent estate homes (and prominent local residents), but continues to expand in its development to include a variety of home styles at varying levels of affordability.  

The community of Kleinburg is rich in its history, and proudly showcases its roots with historically-protected buildings and local landmarks, like the Kleinburg Railway Station, constructed in 1869 and recognized by the Toronto Railway Historical Society. Another unique local destination is the McMichael Art Gallery, which includes 100 acres of forested land, situated behind the galleries toward the Humber River. With a focus exclusively on Canadian and Indigenous art, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection is the largest publicly-funded art gallery of its kind in Canada.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Downtown Kleinburg, often referred to as “the village” by locals, is an assembly of quaint coffee shops, boutiques and specialty services – nestled along either side of the street with storefronts that feature traditional and charming facades. The energy of this community is especially visible here in the warmer months, when residents and visitors assemble on outdoor patios and walk through the downtown area’s main streets. 

Sonoma Heights

On the west side of Vaughan, located between Forest Fountain Drive and Humber River, below Kleinburg, you’ll find the community of Sonoma Heights. Families on the hunt for a place to call home will appreciate the variety of home styles available here, from detached homes to semi-detached and towns, as well as the conveniences of an abundance of local amenities like grocery stores and restaurants. 

Parents can rest assured that in this community, their children will have access to come top-ranking local schools spanning the private and public sectors, as well as Catholic and French Immersion options. 

Some popular local outdoor attractions in this area include Boyd Conservation Park, Sonoma Heights Community Park and Pierre Berton Resource Library

Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Mackenzie Ridge – Ambassador Hills 

If you’re wondering, is it expensive to live in Vaughan? The answer is, it can be. Some residential areas are certainly more expensive than others, as it happens in every city. 

A good example of a beautiful local community on the high-end of cost is Mackenzie Ridge – Ambassador Hills.

A community known for luxury homes, the area of Mackenzie Ridge – Ambassador Hills is situated in the northern part of Maple, along Dufferin Street. A community of affluent estate-style homes with larger lot sizes and properties. With expansive woods and forested areas, the community here feels nestled amongst nature, in a serene setting. Here you’ll find many exclusive ravine lots and ideally-situated properties where home-seekers looking to realize their dream home from the ground-up can purchase land to build a custom home. 

For those with a higher budget, this area offers a quiet community lifestyle with ample-sized properties for families to enjoy. 

Columbus Trail 

For the majority of families considering a move, affordability – without making concessions on those “needs” highest up on their wishlist – is a primary factor of consideration in their search. 

Great value for residential properties and a strong sense of community make Columbus Trail an excellent option for future home-owners and in particular, first-time home buyers. Situated in the north part of Maple, this community offers a family-friendly atmosphere, proximity to major attractions like Canada’s Wonderland, and presents the opportunity for entry into the property market in a more affordable range, compared to many other local communities within Vaughan. 

This area is also noted for its cultural diversity, which makes for a varied mosaic of cultural contributions and unique local signatures.


Ultimately, the City of Vaughan is one of those rare locales that offer something for everyone, down to its menu of interior communities. It’s all about determining what your priority wish-list items are, and determining which community offers the best fit for yourself and your family. 

For home buyers, the process of finding a “dream home” that ticks all the boxes can be an overwhelming process. Not to mention, the primary steps of narrowing down the best areas of interest for your family’s needs. Isolating those pockets that best align with your needs and wants is just one of the many steps an experienced Realtor can help with. 

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