by Susy Alexandre March 16, 2023

The Best Spring Landscaping Tips for Boosting Your Home's Curb Appeal


With Spring just around the corner, now is the time to begin envisioning and planning for your ideal landscaping goals for the season. Your property’s exterior grounds are the first thing potential home buyers will see and should reflect a well-kept, tastefully designed and attractive area. It’s this first visual impression that sets the tone for your property as a whole. 

Read on for the best landscaping tips for boosting your home’s curb appeal. 

Select The Right Trees and Plants 

In a country where we experience the full scope of each season, it can be tricky to plan for the perfect year-round landscaping design. Home owners will want to ensure they are selecting hearty trees and plans which can endure the elements and changing temperatures through the year, even while dormant between blooms. Check in with your local landscaping company, neighbourhood garden nurseries or even online experts who can examine photos of your space and provide expert consultations to ensure you are on the right track!

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment 


Before you can dig into the soil and get to work, you’ll want to double-check that you have the right equipment and that it’s in good working order. Make sure you know what kind of equipment is required for your garden’s specific needs. For example, one of the most universally-used pieces of landscaping equipment is a lawn mower. Check to ensure the mower is operating correctly with clean and sharpened blades and that it’s operating smoothly. Be careful when inspecting equipment like this to avoid risk of injury. You can take your mower to a lawnmower-specific repair shop or any general landscaping company, where they should be able to inspect and perform any maintenance or repairs as needed. 

Prune The Shrubs and Neaten Your Edges 

A neat and tidy yard will present as well-kept and attractive to onlookers and passer-bys. Trim overgrowth, ensure none of the branches are in contact with overhead wires, roof area or eavestrough. The best time to plant trees and shrubs in Canada tends to be in the Spring and Fall, but trimming overgrowth should be something you get into the habit of looking for and addressing year-round to minimize any excess debris or potential damage.

Camouflage Unsightly Areas 


No yard is perfect, and there will always be bits of space that are less attractive than others, especially in the case of irregular lots, where there are dips and pockets that don’t show well, or visible grates, meters and utility boxes. To remedy this, homeowners can choose to spruce up or camouflage these areas with some filler-style plants and boxed planters. 

HGTV has an excellent roundup of the best plants for mass-planting. 

Create a Designated “Social Space”

Establishing a cozy “social space” will create a more inviting aesthetic, boosting your curb appeal and also adding visual interest to your property’s exterior. It could be anything from a single chair and attractive outdoor side-table to a bench, a cute garden stool, whatever your space accommodates and enhances the area without appearing cluttered or out of place. For inspiration, check out online resources like Better Homes and Gardens, Houzz and Pinterest to get you started!

Use Planters With Some Visual Interest 


Try adding some pops of colour to your yard with decorative planters and pots in colourful hues. You’ll want to avoid an overflow of bright colours and designs, as these can create a look that’s too “busy” - but keeping to one palette or theme for colours will help streamline the aesthetic. Look to your existing garden and the exterior of your home for some colours you can pick up on and use to inspire a cohesive outdoor palette. 

Make Sure Everything is Thoroughly Cleaned

It seems common sense to keep your property clean and tidy, but when it comes to the exterior property, this rule still applies. A clean and well-mantained outdoor space will reveal any open pockets for additional planting or design opportunities, as well as just opening up the space in general. 

Toward the end of each season, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of walking the grounds along the perimeter and have a look for any debris or trash lying around. This is especially true after the winter, when heavy snowfalls mask any blown-over trash and debris.

Check Gates and Fences for Any Defects, Repairs That Are Needed 


Gates and fences are a major component of any exterior space and should be kept in good shape and proper working order. The weather and harsh elements can take a toll on gates and fenced areas, and over time, these items may need a little tlc to get them back up to snuff. It may take a quick patch job, some fresh paint, a section of repair, or a full replacement altogether. Fences and gates act as liners and barrier points on your property and are generally positioned in very visible points on and around the yard. Because of this, fences and gates that have been neglected or are in a state of disrepair will be easy to spot by any visitors or passer-bys. 

Add Some New Mulch 

Adding fresh mulch each Spring will work wonders to fill and touch up garden beds. It is also a barrier designed to protect your soil and plants, helps to deter weed growth and even works to regulate soil temperature. Available in so many variations and colours, you can choose your mulch to compliment your space and enjoy the many benefits it provides. 

Add Landscape Lighting 

Landscaping lighting does wonders to open up outdoor space. Added exterior lighting will not only benefit your property in terms of safety, but will also work to highlight points of interest and accent your overall design. Think outside the box when it comes to outdoor lighting with pathway lighting, LED string lights, enclosed lanterns and more!

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