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Does Adding a New Roof Increase Home Value? What You Need to Know

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For homeowners looking to sell their home, and buyers on the hunt for a property, one common big-ticket property item remains a common factor of consideration on both ends. A roof is a major factor in the physical health and state of a property. It is one of the most costly elements of a property’s exterior, and has a major influence on the condition of your home not only outdoors – but indoors as well. 

This is why, even for those home owners who aren’t looking to make a move anytime soon, keeping an eye on the condition of your roof as it weathers one season to the next, is so important. Roofing costs will always fall on the more significant side, owing to the scope and necessity of the work, but homeowners can save themselves unnecessary added costs by taking preventative measures and ensuring consistent “roof checks” are done. 

This fundamental property component, in good condition, will not only work to further incentivize potential buyers, but in new condition, will actually increase its value. 

Should homeowners looking to sell consider installing a new roof in order to increase property value? 

In order to arrive at the answer of whether or not a property is in need of a new roof, there are several factors that homeowners need to consider. These factors include an understanding of the life of your roof, a professional assessment to accurately evaluate the condition of the roof as well as an assortment of qualified roofing company options and estimates. 

The life of your roof & some red flags to look for

A properly installed, quality roof can last homeowners upwards of 20 years with consistent maintenance. However, other variables may have an effect on the lifespan of a roof, in particular weather and the damage done via constant exposure to the elements. 

Some telltale signs of a roof in disrepair may include:

  • Damaged, warped, dented or altogether missing shingles 
  • Patchy areas showing wear on the roof 
  • Sagging 
  • Visible moisture and/or blistered/bubbled paint on the interior walls/ceiling of your home

What’s involved in a professional roof evaluation

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A roof evaluation typically includes the following:

  • Exterior inspection of roof coverings, gutters and soffits
  • Inspection of interior finishings such as walls and ceilings to check for signs of moisture and water damage, any frost buildup or structural interior damage owing to roof issues 
  • Roof inspection findings are recorded, assembled into a report and reviewed with clients, typically followed by an estimate or formal quote for any repairs or roof replacement recommended by the roofing company 

The benefits of a new roof 

When necessary, a new roof can feel like a daunting - and no doubt, costly - task. But on the other end of things, whether as a soon-to-be-seller or a happy homeowner, there are several key benefits to a new roof to keep in mind.

Increased energy efficiency & reduced maintenance costs

A new roof allows homeowners to boast that their property operates on optimal efficiency as far as energy usage. This can translate to savings for new owners, and as a result increase the appraisal value.

Increased curb appeal 

A roof in visible disrepair, showing signs of age and general dated aesthetic will work against you. Beyond your landscaping, the concept of curb appeal relates to any elements of your property and home structure which are instantly visible to passer-bys. Naturally, the roof is part of this overall first “visual impression”. A well-mantained roof, clean gutters and no visible defects should be the goal. 

Appeal of a transferable warranty to new purchasers

A great roofing company will typically offer transferable warranties for the work done and materials of a new roof. A transferable warranty, in particular one that offers “lifetime” coverage, is extremely appealing to potential buyers. Increased peace of mind and lessened future costs to consider as far as home maintenance hold major appeal to buyers on the hunt. This kind of incentive will often allow sellers to factor this added benefit into their listing price, as many buyers would be willing to pay more for a home featuring a roof that offers this kind of warranty coverage. 

What to look for in a roofing company

The key to a successful roof installation experience will rely heavily on the choice of roofing contractor. That’s why it’s important not to rush the research and selection process. This is a larger home expense and one that must be done properly and professionally in order to get the most value for the cost. 

Homeowners would be wise to inform themselves on the current roofing techniques, products, materials and companies prior to committing to any professional installers. Obtaining several estimates and talking the time to interview multiple companies, as well as looking into any online reviews, referrals and portfolios of past work will give homeowners a better idea of what to expect from their final choice of roofing company. 

Potential candidates for roofing companies should be able to clearly outline their services, fees and warranties, as well as providing some background on their company and contractors’ qualifications as well as some referrals and examples of past work. 

How your real estate agent can help!

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With Your Community Realty sales representatives, sellers and buyers can rest assured they have already taken the first step in safeguarding themselves against any oversights or missteps during their buying or selling process. When it comes to physical property concerns, like roofing, the right real estate agent will be able to provide their clients with expert guidance and the resources to help support them as they navigate any inspection, repairs, or installation processes. 

And remember: beyond the benefits of a new roof listed above, it’s important not to discount the overall peace of mind for homeowners who invest in either the proper maintenance or full-on replacement of their roof. Whether homeowners are looking to sell or just looking to keep their home in peak condition, a healthy roof allows for home-dwellers to enjoy their space without the concern of leaks, water damage and more. 

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