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Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing a Home with a Pool

Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing a Home with a Pool


If you’re a homeseeker on the hunt for your next dream home, you’ll no doubt have a pretty specific (and lengthy) wish list in mind as you narrow your search. Not to be confused with your list of non-negotiable must-have items - things like proximity to schools, easy access to local transit, number of bathrooms, etc - your “wish list” is where you and your family are able to factor in those extra items that would take a home from good - to great! 

Not surprisingly in a country where the colder months overtake the majority of the year, a pool is still considered to be one of those luxury components of a home that holds major appeal in terms of maximizing those warmer months - without the need for a vacation.

Purchasing a home with a pool is an exciting prospect for the whole family - but it does come with additional responsibilities and costs to consider. In this week’s blog installment, we’re breaking down what you need to know when it comes to buying a home with a pool in Canada. 

Home Pool Ownership 101


There are several things to look for and have inspected when buying a home with a pool. A professional realtor will be able to help connect you with the resources you need in order to ensure your pool inspection is properly conducted and that you are asking the right questions.

Here are just a few of the components that will require close inspection when considering a home with an existing pool: 

The condition of the pool and the equipment, including:

  • The liner
  • Pipes
  • Filters, skimmers and drain systems
  • Pumps 
  • Heaters 

Prospective buyers will also want to factor in pool safety and local regulations for residential pools. Local laws can cover things such as: the depth, distance from other properties, and fencing requirements. Look into these local regulations to ensure your prospective pool is in legal status and in compliance with any existing laws. 

You will also need to consider your insurance requirements and where you stand in terms of your policy’s particulars on a home pool. 

Buyer beware: If the pool you are looking at is drained, this is a major red flag, as residential pools are typically not drained unless in the case of major repairs. You will want to know when and why the pool was drained, as well as a current assessment of the status of the pool and all of its components. 

Having Professional and Reliable Experts is Key in the Process of Purchasing a Home with an Existing Pool

There are many specifics unique to each pool and influenced by things like the property itself, the general surrounding area, etc. Factors like having a high water table in the region will affect the type of pump used, how the pool is designed, and the list really does go on and on. This is why having the support of a seasoned realtor and inspector are necessary resources when considering a home with a pool. 

The Potential Pitfalls of Purchasing a Home with a Pool 

Owning a pool isn’t for everyone. As with any major household consideration, you will need to carefully consider factors such as your family’s lifestyle and the amount of use versus the costs you will incur in order to decide whether or not pool ownership is right for you. 

Preparing for unforeseen costs 

Like any element of a home and its property, you must be prepared financially for the inevitable - and most often, unforeseen - additional costs of your pool. From general maintenance and repairs to replacement of components like pool heaters and liners, these can represent big-ticket items that will put a dent in your household budget if you are not prepared for them. Your financial considerations before deciding whether or not a pool is suited for you and your family should include a “just in case” budgetary allowance for any costs that go above and beyond the usual. 

Seasonal and year-round maintenance 

Having your pool closed up for the off-season months means that things will need to be properly opened, cleaned and assessed at the start of every new “pool season”. While some pool owners elect to open, close and perform the ongoing maintenance of their pool throughout the season themselves, it’s worth considering hiring a professional pool company to assist. A good pool company can ensure your pool is in good and working order and is balanced and safe to swim in with the proper mix of chemicals and cleaning substances. While this is another cost to factor in, having a reliable go-to for your pool needs can prevent the oversight of developing issues with your pool and ensure a safe and headache-free pool season for yourself and your family. 

Factoring in how much use your family will get out of a pool

If you and your family travel often, particularly in the summer months, you’ll want to factor that into your decision-making process. The pool season in Canada generally spans between the end of May to sometime in September, when the majority of pool owners have their pools open and running. The prescribed window for closing your pool is advised as whenever temperatures begin consistently dropping below 15 degrees celsius in the evenings, which typically occurs during the month of September. Being that the pool season is a fairly brief one, you’ll need to ensure that your family will be home and able to make enough use out of the pool in order to justify the added responsibilities and costs of ownership. 

The upside for buyers when purchasing a home with a pool 

This one is obvious. It’s FUN! A pool in your backyard represents a dream-come-true for many families - adults included! After all, who doesn’t love the idea of being able to splash around and cool off during the summer without having to leave the comfort of their property? Quality of life, personal enjoyment, exercise and hosting loved ones are just a few of the perks of pool ownership. 


For many, the fun and family bonding that a home pool provides season after season far outweighs the responsibility, costs and maintenance that a pool requires. 


If you and your family have weighed out all of these important factors, and are ready to dive into purchasing a home with a pool, our award-winning team of professional real estate agents is ready to help! Contact us today and let’s get you and your family into your dream home - pool included - this summer! 

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