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Interior Design Trends Set to Dominate in 2024

When it comes to interior design, it always comes down to personal choice and style. For those who are being tactful in their design choices and considering future appeal of their space from the resale perspective, you will want to consider aesthetics that have mass appeal and are not too-specific to your own personal taste. For others, the priority is forming an aesthetic that speaks to their own design preferences in order to create something totally unique. With interior design trends to meet everyone’s design goals and styles, the experts at Royal LePage Your Community Realty have assembled a breakdown of the biggest interior design trends that are set to dominate in 2024. 

As far as interior design in 2024, it’s all about balance: bringing forward some of the best interior design trends from the past year and introducing a few new ones.

Some of the stronger trends from last year such as bold hues and statement wallpaper, will continue to be popular choices for interior design aficionados. But there are also neutral themes on the rise for those who prefer muted designs. 

To help you get started on your next design project, the experts at Royal LePage Your Community Realty have rounded up the best interior design trends for 2024.

Woodgrain Millwork 

In 2024, people are going back to basics, employing paint stripping companies and the like in order to unearth their original wood millwork. There’s a strong pull toward natural, exposed wood and for those buying new, this trend is reflected in the growing popularity of finishing choices like walnut and maple over the paint-grade options of the past. 

Brass accents

Brass accents are also growing in popularity, as they appeal seamlessly to both traditional and modern aesthetics while playing well with a variety of other materials such as wood, other metals and marbles. 

Understated opulence & quiet luxury 

Understated opulence is an interior design trend in a similar vein as last year’s popular fashion trend, coined “quiet luxury”. This design trend is all about luxurious choices and rich materials and colour schemes that are less about being statement-making and more about working together to create a sense of subtle opulence in a space. 


Wallpaper in unexpected places

Creative interior design is all about styling your home in unexpected ways to add your own personal touch to your space. Wallpaper has been on the rise as a popular wall treatment in recent years, making a comeback from past years with modern designs and updated application styles. It’s now easier than ever to apply wallpaper, with products designed to avoid any wall damage and ensure easy installation and removal. A few fun places to try out some wallpaper could include: linen closets, coat closets, and any bare walls in your home that are feeling too plain. 


Bold lighting

In the trend of bolder-is-better that dominated so many interior design styles last year, bold lighting continues to rank as a popular statement-making choice. Bold lighting allows for the opportunity to create lighting that not only illuminates the space beautifully but also incorporates your unique sense of style. The beauty behind this trend is that you are able to really have fun with your choice of bold lighting, without worrying about the commitment of your design choice. Lighting is easy to replace and change up, making it the perfect way to add your mark to a space, without committing to any design choices that might limit you in terms of mass appeal in future for resale. The bold lighting styles that are most popular right now include large-scale fixtures and sculptures with illuminated features. 

Statement tiles

Statement tiles are a major interior design trend for 2024 continuing on from last year. From floor tiles to wall ties, backsplashes and anything in between, there are many ways in which statement tiles can add some flair to a space. In showers in particular, there has been a resurgence in popularity for using fun and funky tiles. Having some accent tiles or installing them in a new pattern or unexpected sizing is a great way to add some visual interest to your shower space.

Mixed Metals

Carrying over from the last few years of design trends, mixed metals continue to be a popular go-to for homeowners and designers looking to take the elegance of their space to the next level. The effect of mixing metals is multi-dimensional, added visual interest, an amplified sense of luxury and depth. This adds a balance of different materials with an “imperfect” mix of metals and without the need to be overly “matching”. 

Intimate Dining Areas

While there has been a long-running trend of “open layouts”, recent years have shown a shift back toward some traditional layout plans of the past. Specifically, the dining room and kitchen. While many opted for open design plans in order to create maximum “flow” and versatility between the two spaces, there has been an increasing trend toward reverting back to traditional styles and allowing for intimate dining areas to reign supreme once again. 

This is in response to a growing desire amongst homeowners to create that feeling of warmth and connection in the most social common areas of the home. By isolating the dining area from the kitchen, you allow for intimacy and the ability to host guests in a space that feels dedicated to that purpose. 

Secondary Spaces


Where space allows, one interior design trend continuing to rise in popularity is the addition of secondary spaces. Areas like butlers’ pantries and back kitchens allow for homeowners to extend their kitchens and carve out secondary areas to dedicate as needed. They can be designed as open floor plans or closed off, and can be transformed to meet whatever use suits your family best. Extra refrigeration, wine storage, additional dishwashers, dedicated coffee or serving stations - the options are endless. 

Modern Maximalism

Rich jewel tones and saturated colours are on the rise as interior design gives long-popular styles like mid-century modern a pass in favour of more luxurious aesthetics with heightened character and distinction. 

Muted tones

Muted tones reflect an interior design trend very in line with popular aesthetics in 2024. Subtle, complementary and effortlessly chic, muted tones create a soft, cohesive palette in a space. 

Hallways with colorful wallpaper

On the flip side to the design aesthetic that would align with muted tones, there is the bolder interior design spectrum that has colourful wallpaper as a popular trend in 2024. Hallways lined in colourful wallpaper might seem as 

Wellness offerings

Many design strategies are now being done with wellness offerings in mind. Popular in condominium developments where these wellness spaces are evident in the luxury and modern amenities being added; spaces like outdoor theatre areas, pools, designated co-working areas for those working remotely, etc. 

To implement this trend in a personal home, there are many ways to use the space you have available to create areas geared at amplifying and facilitating your self-care and personal wellness. Get creative! This may be by carving out a small area in the backyard to set up a plunge pool/tank, designing a small library/reading nook inside your home, or even just forgoing the “wetbar” secondary kitchen space for a “tea and smoothie health bar” instead. It’s all about using the space you have and maximizing its purpose to you and your family’s greatest benefit! 

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