by Susy Alexandre March 2, 2022

What is it Like Living in Richmond Hill, Ontario?

Credit: City of Richmond Hill

The Smart Place for Business

A wide array of industries make up the business landscape in the thriving city of Richmond Hill, with a significant number of people employed in the finance, administration and management sectors.

Richmond Hill offers a service called RH Concierge to offer “business owners, developers, and investors with a formal service to help facilitate the development application process through the convenience of a single point of contact”.

Here are a few quick facts and points of interest for those considering doing business in this community: 

  • 126 languages are spoken across a growing population of 206,883 
  • The city represents one of Canada’s most educated workforces: over half of Richmond Hill’s residents are university graduates and over 77% have had post-secondary studies, which means a wide network of local talent for local business owners
  • Richmond Hill is conveniently located at the center of the Greater Toronto Area, with several points of access via transit systems, major highways, ports and airports
  • The city offers office development and redevelopment incentives, and comparatively low property tax rates in order for business people to manage costs and focus on their business growth 
  • The city is a noted leader in the following business sectors: professional, scientific and technical services, the health industry, the finance and insurance sector, and the information and cultural industries 
  • Richmond Hill has the accolades to back up their confidence in local business, having most recently won the Gold Excellence Award from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) for Guide for New Businesses brochure in 2016, amongst several other awards and noted achievements 

Companies like BMW Canada, Levi Strauss & Co. Inc.,Mazda Canada, Staples Business Depot, and Volvo have all chosen Richmond Hill as the location for their Canadian Head Office.

Attracting major businesses is a tribute to the city’s emphasis on offering fair development charges, a wide array of incentives for both local development and redevelopment, as well as relatively low property tax rates - all in a bid to set business owners up with the tools and support they need to nurture and grow their businesses.

You can check out some first-person testimonials from local business people in the community here.

Credit: City of Richmond Hill

Mill Pond Park

One of the city’s most popular outdoor tourist attractions, Mill Pond offers residents an outdoor entertainment and recreational gathering space. Overlooking the pond, you’ll find a playground, boardwalk, trail, gazebo and many areas to sit and relax. The park also offers washrooms and parking. 

Located at the corner of Mill Street and Trench Street, this destination hosts many local events. To name a few:

  • Concerts in the Park
  • The annual Winter Carnival
  • The Mill Pond Splash Event
  • The Millennium Garden (just south of the main parking lot)

There are two ongoing comprehensive studies taking place for the purpose of the rehabilitation and renewal of the area. According to the city’s official page:

"A Stormwater Environmental Assessment will be completed to evaluate existing stormwater drainage and to propose rehabilitation options. A Park Revitalization Master Plan will be completed to guide the phased revitalization of the park and stormwater management works. The two projects will work jointly to improve the overall park."

The Origin of the Name Mill Pond

The origin of Mill Pond’s name is tied to a sawmill business once powered by the pond. This sawmill operation is considered to be a vital part of local history, as it represented a significant draw for early residents in the late 1800’s

Check out the city’s official Parks Showcase page for a full directory of local parks. 

Walking Trails in Richmond Hill

Staying active is paramount in Richmond Hill, where residents have their pick of several greenspace options when it comes to getting outdoors and taking in the lush local landscapes. 

There is no shortage of parks, trails and natural areas within Richmond Hill for residents and visitors to enjoy and stay active in. The city contains 167 parks, trails spanning 150 km and approximately 689 hectares of undeveloped natural areas. 

Just a few of the city’s most popular destinations for parks and walking trails include:

  • Lake Wilcox Park - a new feature to this popular family-friendly park is the Lake Wilcox Boardwalk, which spans 130 metres in length.
  • Mill Pond Park - a great park for biking, walking, running and more, this popular local pick also features a gazebo and the Millennium Garden, amongst many other attractions.
  • Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park - a massive complex of both indoor and outdoor activity spaces and features, this park is a sports-lovers dream, catering to lawn bowling, bocce, soccer, baseball, basketball, skateboarding, ice skating and so much more.
  • Trans Richmond Trail - situated along part of the underground TransCanada pipelines, the trail has a mix of wooden, paved, gravel and steel pathways.
  • Beaver Greenway Trail - trail-walking enthusiasts, cyclists and runners appreciate the natural landscape and opportunity for wildlife-sightings here.

For a full listing of local parks, you can search via the city’s official page here.

Family Activities in Richmond Hill

One of Canada’s friendliest and fastest-growing cities, Richmond Hill is an ideal community to live, work and grow. 

The community puts an emphasis on the arts, culture and environment. This active and engaged community is the ideal landscape in which to nurture a healthy lifestyle for families. 

The community puts on several festivals and events each year, including the popular seasonal Winter Event Serie, which includes the Richmond Hill Winter Lights event, which was held at Richmond Green Park’s Heritage Walkway this season. 

The city of Richmond Hill’s official website also offers some ideas of “staycations” in the city, with everything from self-care getaways, family adventures and historical tours - all offered at local venues. 

Also offered are packages and activities at local attractions, such as:

Families looking to be inspired for their next family activity can check out the city’s Community Recreation Guide, which offers seasonal program listings, registration and general information for those looking to participate.

Have a blast at one of Richmond Hill’s six swimming pools or the town’s wave pool to take a turn on the waterslide

Many of these pools offer aquatics and swimming programs, as well as splash pads - and so much more. For a full list of swimming pools, activities, hours of operation and amenities, check out the city’s official page

The city also offers unique options for families to partake in, including tree planting, visits to the local Sports Hall of Fame and destinations like Richmond Hill’s McConaghy Centre, where they offer activities and events catering to senior family members. Just a few of the programs offered include:

  • Free workshops
  • Bingo
  • Bridge